Carnatic Comfort Zone & Friendsformation

Carnatic Comfort Zone & Friendsformation Biography


Carnatic Comfort Zone – is the format of an event hosted by Yogeswaran: Carnatic music (aka South Indian Classical Music) is unfolding one of it‘s major assets: The capacity to connect, to interweave and to transform. Carnatic Comfort Zone gives space to a profound musical interaction of experts of different global music traditions. South Indian Classical Music has as inherent part of its tradition the possibility to integrate differences and similarities and move towards cultural transformation. Carnatic Comfort Zone is bringing the assets of this tradition to a contemporary format in an urban space.

Friendsformation – is a concert format born out of the context of Carnatic Comfort Zone: Musicians with expertise in different global music styles come together in a structured exploration of a composed piece in a Raga based on South Indian Classical music.

Yogeswaran & band - performs Yogeswaran‘s classical and contemporary compositions and involves songs of Tagore, Thirukkural, Thirupugal, Franz Schubert and other composers. The project is collaborating with musicians of classical-, jazz- and global music. Yogeswaran performs together with the Berlin based musicians Will Ramsey (Sax), Alexey Wagner (Guitar), Dietrich Wöhrlin (Drums). Notable concerts in the past were at Zitadelle Spandau, the Indian Embassy Berlin and for Robert Bosch Fundation.




South Indian Classical & Own Compositions