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Sangeetha Kalandhi and Guru T.V.Gopalakrishnan – national award-winning Classical Musician:„ Yogeswaran has extraordinary talent and a wonderful voice….I am overjoyed to see his growth in the concert stage…He can sing in 3 octaves…His concerts are a must have in Chennai“

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Orlando Gough, Composer (BBC Proms, Closing Ceremony of European City of Culture Stavanger…) ” Yogeswaran was a wonderful member of „The Shout“. Not only did he bring his unique, inspiring sensibility and skills as a classical singer from Sri Lanka, but he found a way of integrating them into a Western choral group. His singing, whether improvised or composed, is always dignified, beautiful, heart-felt, and full of a profound emotion. His contribution to the group as a person was crucial; he is an excellent colleague, and a still centre in a complex and noisy world.”

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Ludwig Pesch (Author of the Oxford Ilustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music) : Manickam Yogeswaran is best known for his clear and expressive voice. A distinguished exponent of the “Carnatic” (classical) music of southern India and Sri Lanka, he has also excelled in fields as different as film and dance music besides integrated education. Being a fine composer and multi-instrumentalist as well, it hardly surprises that he is much in demand for enriching artistic collaborations with his personal style. READ MORE



Tanjavur Ramadas, Mrdangam-Vidwan: „His voice culture ressembles to the great masters of the yesteryears. His voice reaches 3 octaves, which is at present a rarity.“


Press Reviews

“The contemporary feel of the music is a result of the catchy harmonies and melodies melding perfectly with the historical roots and Tamil musicianship. … Astounding!” – Matthew Forss –

“A singer in the Indian classical tradition, a great improviser and someone who brings a completely different approach to intonation.” – SINGER MAGAZINE

“Laced with haunting Tamil vocals by British-based musician Manickam Yogeswaran … shaping its emotional crescendo.” – FILM SCORE DAILY (“25th hour” filmscore by Terence Blanchard)

“skilful modulation … soft and malleable voice” – THE HINDU

“For Yogeswaran’s flight of imagination there was only his own piece, a South Indian Ave Maria …  a high point.” (The Shout Christmas Show) – THE GUARDIAN

“Yoga’s vocal technique comfortably manages a range of pitch, intensity, volume and speed … designed to carry words of peace, love and devotion. – (CD review “Peace for Paradise”) Matthew Shorter – GLOBAL MUSIC CULTURE

“A concert of Carnatic fusion-jazz recently served up exactly what the label promises. Karuna Kshetra, a project put together by Pusch and vocalist Manickam Yogeswaran in 2003, is founded on the premise of playing Carnatic compositions with a Western rhythm section. … intricate, and filled with very talented musicians.”– THE HINDU

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