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Sangeetha Kalandhi and Guru T.V.Gopalakrishnan – national award-winning Classical Musician: “Yogeswaran has extraordinary talent and a wonderful voice…His concerts are a must have in Chennai“

Ludwig Pesch (Author of the Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music): “A distinguished exponent of the “Carnatic” (classical) music of southern India and Sri Lanka … a fine composer and multi-instrumentalist … it hardly surprises that he is much in demand for enriching artistic collaborations with his personal style.”

Tanjavur Ramadas, Mrdangam-Vidwan: „His voice culture resembles to the great masters of the yesteryears. His voice reaches 3 octaves, which is at present a rarity.“

Yogeswaran started his career as an autodidact until he trained with the masters “Sangita Bhushanam” Sri P Muthukumarasamy and “Sangita Bhushanam” Sri S Balasingam. In 1978  he became as a young adult the first musician to take singing as a career profession in Northern Sri Lanka. He continued to have further training and performed in Chennai (India) with his Guru, the world-renowned musician and singer “Padma Bhushan” “Sangita Kalanidhi” Sri T V Gopalkrishnan.

Within the field of South Indian Classical Music Yogeswaran is specialised in Tamil Classical Compositions and Thevarams in addition to the Carnatic Compositions. He is researching in Classics of Tamil literature and music of ancient Tamil periods. In this context he has recorded Thirukkural, the ancient Tamil poetry set to music in 133 Carnatic Ragams. He has also revived the ancient yal. He continuous to research in depth of music in yester millennias.

In the past three decades he has performed South Indian Classical Music world-over with renown musicians at festivals including Delemont Festival, Spitalfields Festival London and many more. His concerts have been broadcasted by the BBC and Swiss National Radio.

Yogeswaran has been performing consistently each year since 1994 at various Sabhas (venues) of the Chennai Music Season. This festival is globally the most important gathering of South Indian Classical musicians and music lovers.

Yogeswaran‘s music is sought after by Classical Music lovers as well as Contemporary artistic collaboration partners. He is known for his capacity to combine Classical expertise with openness and experience in adapting his knowledge to contemporary and European Classical set ups.

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