Yogeswaran has released 3 CDs in the past

1) Tamil Classics (south Indian Classical music).

2) Peace for Paradise  Рan album dedicated to the peace process in Sri Lanka.

3) Thirukkural in 133 Raagams , Ancient Tamil literary work of poems by Saint Thiruvalluvar set to music in 133 Carnatic raagams.

Click HERE to download the CDs.


Yogeswaran has sung, composed and played for numerous other CD recordings. Amongst them:

movie sound tracks:

Eyes Wide Shut

25th hour

Brick Lane

CDs with The Shout/Orlando Gough:

Deep Blue

Tall Stories

CDs with Dissidenten:

Instinctive Traveler

Live in Europe


Life goes on with Paul Jacob

Seven Ragas with Jens Fischer

Scandinasia with Henning Flintholm (snippet)

India in Music


South Indian Classical & Own Compositions