Performance at Experimental Room Festival Barcelona

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June 28th, 8 p.m., Antik Theater Barcelona/  “Experimental Room Festival”

Raga Abhinaya is a performance of Classical South Indian Dance & Music. In this evening Carnatic singer Manickam Yogeswaran and Bharatanatyam dancer Eva Isolde Balzer will present three different melodic structures (Carnatic ragas) with a focus on their emotive qualities. The duo will explore how the characteristics of the ragas are linked to the emotional states and general nature of characters depicted in dance-theater.

The exploration of the ragas will be followed by the rendition of a story-telling (abhinaya) dance-theatre piece in each raga. The characters will show a variety of personalities which are characteristic in story-telling pieces in bharatanatyam: the shy young woman, who describes to her friend about a sacred and sensual experience with her lover; the devotee who playfully attempts to lure the divine to manifest; and the daring heroine, who challenges the social code of conducts in her surroundings by openly standing by her love-relationship.

photos by Raúl Ornelas Aguirre

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