Carnatic Comfort Zone

Carnatic Comfort Zone Рlive in Berlin

funky explorations of South Asian Music Traditions by Yogeswaran & band


Carnatic Comfort Zone is led by the charismatic Sri Lankan singer and composer Manickam Yogeswaran – an exponent of South Indian Classical music based in Berlin. The group explores the music traditions of South Asia through Yogeswaran’s compositions which combine a kaleidoscope of influences and use some of the more unusual modes of the Melakartha Ragas under laid by funky bass lines.

Carnatic Comfort Zone explores the fault lines between ancient and modern traditions playing haunting arrangements, which reflect the diverse backgrounds of the musicians in the band. The line-up includes Manickam Yogeswaran on Voice, Mridangam and Kanjira, Will Ramsay on saxophone, Alexey Wagner on guitar, Martin Lillich on bass and Dietrich Woehrlin on drums.



South Indian Classical & Own Compositions